What You Need to Know About Your Nails in Winter

9 January 2024

Feeling like your hands are constantly dry? Do your nails keep flaking? We've got the solutions for you! Get the upper hand against dry winter nails with these awesome tips.

✅ Banish Dry Skin

Look after your hands as the temperature drops. Try to apply hand cream and cuticle oil daily to keep your hands nourished and hydrated. 

Get the Best Out of  Your Glaize Gels:

✅ Warm Up Your Gels

You might find that your gels feel a little harder during the colder months, therefore we recommend warming them slightly in order to get the best results. Warm your gels against a radiator (only for a couple of minutes), with a hairdryer or even against your cup of tea to soften them, making them easier to apply.

✅ Apply Some Pressure

It's time to bond! The adhesive on the back of our gels is activated by pressure, so be sure to really press them down and smooth the gels across your nails in order to get your gels to adhere well. They might need a little bit of extra love in winter :)

✅ Handle With Care

Take extra care when removing your gels, as your nails may be more sensitive during winter.

Soak your hands or use hand cream to loosen the gels and use a cuticle stick to lift the gels from the base of the nail. Gently roll the gel off the base of your nail. Remove excess adhesive using our Prep Juice.

Check out our video guides on application & removal tips here!