Valentine's Day Nail Inspo

4 February 2022

Valentine’s Day 2022 is nearly here and we’re feeling pretty loved up at Glaize. It’s always a fun opportunity to get creative with your nails, so we wanted to share some of our favourite trends for the occasion.

Valentine’s Day nails don’t mean you’re limited to red and pink only. Definitely not! There are so many options if that isn’t your vibe. The same goes for those ‘less is more’ styles as opposed to loud and crazy designs. Whatever your preference, there’s a place for it all.

So, shall we skip to the good part?

Subtle shapes

Starting off with a more minimalistic trend, this one is timeless. Incorporating shapes on your nails is an easy way to add some fun but doing it on a clear nail with lots of open space makes it even more simple to achieve.

Using a bright colour, such as red or even yellow or blue (whatever you fancy for your V-day aesthetic), adds the perfect touch, making it super cute but still wearable!

Image: Instagram @misspop

A gradient affair

If you’re indecisive and often can’t settle on one colour for your nails, have no fear! The gradient mani is here.

The gradient mani will be the perfect bit of *spice* for your Valentine’s nails because it’s pretty unique. You can also be playful with the colours you choose; whether it’s different shades of pink and red or different nail art designs on each nail. Add an accent nail if you dare, with pure sparkles or glitter for something a little bit extra (only if that’s your thing, ofc).

Image: Instagram @thenailgrid

Hearts, duh!

We love hearts! And what’s better than mini hearts on your nails? Nothing. Absolutely nothing (except dogs maybe. We also love dogs).

These mini hearts are really playful but not TOO in your face. If you do feel it’s a bit wild, you could change it up and have fewer hearts on your nails, or even replace them with mini flowers, stars, lips - you get the picture.

We’re suckers for the hearts though. As hopeless romantics here at Glaize, nothing says Valentine’s Day nails like heart designs all over. The colours are also really soft which makes it easy to wear after Valentine’s Day. Those pops of pink and red add another fun element but could definitely be kept to one colour if it’s all a bit much for you.


Solids with a twist

This design is very similar to the first one on our list but a bit more basic (just as cute though). It’s definitely one for those of you who want to join in on Valentine's nails but don’t feel like going too ‘out there’.

Having just one accent nail with a small design that matches the colour of the rest of your nails can look really gorgeous. The red is more of a cherry red which is a fun alternative to the deeper reds we see in winter. Keep this in mind when choosing colours; going slightly brighter than normal can start getting you in the mood for spring (woohoo!) and V-day will be even more joyful.

Image: Instagram @jojos.nailroom

Galaxy nails

Galaxy nail art is seriously having a moment and we are so here for it. You might think galaxy designs don’t exactly scream Valentine’s nails but with the right colours, they can definitely be rocked for the day of love.

The actual detail on galaxy nails is so beautiful that it’s hard not to be mesmerised by them. To make them even more Valentines-y, you could change up the darker shades to lighter pinks, reds, purples or even more of a creamy colour (picture an iridescent Milky Way vibe). And just think of all the cute things you could say to your S/O:

- Your love sends me to the galaxy 

- If I had a star for every time you’ve brightened my day

- You’re so space-cial

Image: Instagram @nailthoughts

Pearls on pearls

One of the biggest trends this year is pearls, and having pearls on your nails is the cherry on top! Just imagine your Valentine’s nails getting an elegant twist with a super cute pearl design.

This stick-on jewels trend might not be for you, but don’t dismiss it just yet. There are so many ways that you can achieve the stylish pearl nails look. You can go super simple with one pearl on each nail (or even just an accent nail) or you can go pearl-crazy and have them everywhere. The world is your oyster ;)

With a clear nail and some pearls added on top, you get a really elegant look. You could definitely make this a little bit more Valentine’s nails-esque with a pink iridescence or solid red even.

Image: Instagram @manicuredbychristina

So what are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is around the corner and cute AF nails are waiting for you too. Who knows, you might just hit it off!