Spring Nail Trends You Need To Know About

6 April 2022

Spring has sprung girlz and boyz (well, actually, who knows what the weather is doing atm - one day it’s warm and the next it’s snowing but let’s be positive) and with spring comes all the florally, pretty, pastelly goodness in makeup, fashion, and obviously nails!

The pastels perfectly represent this time of year; it’s not freezing cold but it’s also not as hot as bright, neon, paradise coloured nails might indicate. It’s the perfect in-between.

So, while you plan out all your warm(er) weather looks, we’ve got your nails covered. 

Classic French Tips 

Nothing revolutionary here but classic French tips are a big trend this spring. The whole Y2K throwback is a huuuuge mood right now and the classic French tip is very reminiscent of the Britneys and Tyra Banks of the 2000s.

Obviously there needs to be some kind of 2022 twist to it though. The twist comes in the form of the nail shape. Instead of the iconic square nail, a perfectly oval shaped nail is more the vibe right now, and we love it!  

Source: @tiffdods 

Olives and Greens

The second trend on our radar is focused on different shades of green. You may have seen bright ‘garden green’ blazers and joggers all over social media recently and that’s because it just screams stylish.

Bright, mismatched colours are everywhere at the moment and we’re seeing green among most of the combinations.

If the bright green is a bit much for you, you don’t need to worry. Olive green is here to save you! We’ve seen the popularity of this colour first hand with our very own Olivia Twist shade. It’s no wonder it sold out! Olive green is a gorgeous shade if you want a bit of colour but still want to feel “neutral”. It’s toned down and subtle enough to be considered a neutral but it’s fun enough to make the spring trends cut!

Source: @lovefreshpaint


One of the biggest trends for 2022 as a whole is pearls. Talk about history repeating itself. You may be thinking ‘pearls on nails? Seriously?’ and yes, we are dead serious.

The rise of bejewelled makeup looks have taken over Instagram and TikTok, with Euphoria-inspired beauty - diamantes on the eyes are the new signature wing ;) And with that, 3D nail decals and nail art have become a huge trend too. You no longer have to dig in your gran’s jewellery for those pearls you’d like to rock. All you need is a fresh mani with the right nail art. 

Source: Parmida Robateau 

Jelly Nails

Yup, it’s a thing. Jelly nails have been seen a lot on TikTok and are making their way to the top of the list of ‘perfect spring trends’. The idea of jelly nails is to get that same semi-translucent effect that jelly has with the nail colour you’re going for. The result? A shiny, juicy looking manicure.

They’re also inspired by the 90s once again. Do you remember jelly sandals from back in the day? Some of them even had sparkles on them! Guess it makes sense; if the style is good enough for feet, surely it’ll be a hit on hands. And how right they were!

Source: Unknown

Floral Tips

You can’t say spring without thinking flowers, bouquets, daisies, and so on. It would be a crime! People are taking it a step further this spring with floral nail tips.

This trend is very pretty and can be a really fun way to mix up your normal French manicure. You could go for different floral designs on each tip, keep it simple and have a signature nail with a floral tip, or have the same delicate design on each tip. The choices are endless.

If you’re not sold on this though, there’s always the classic micro-daisy, as it’s being called. A small daisy or two on the nails to keep in tune with that flowery theme but in a simpler way.

Source: @hardasnails_studio

We also can’t not mention that you’ll never go wrong with a solid pastel - that’s not going out of style anytime soon! Take a look at our range of pastels that are perrrrfect for the spring months.

There’s all your spring occasions nails sorted. Easy peasy lemon squeezy ;)