Our Top 5 Tools for the Perfect Nail Care Routine

22 June 2022

Proper nail care routines are more than just a quick file and some hand cream. Just like with skincare or makeup, there are a few extra steps you can follow that will leave you with happy nails and healthy hands.

As with anything in life (we’re not about to go all philosophical on you, promise) the right tools will make the biggest difference. If you don’t know where to start and which tools are best, we’ve got your back. 

Here are our top 5 tools for helping you achieve your best nails yet!

1. Cuticle oil 

We can’t stress enough how important cuticle oil is! Just like any other area of your body, your cuticles can quickly become dry and dehydrated. Our advice: don’t wait until they are crying out for help to remedy them!

Using a cuticle oil or balm regularly will obviously add that much-needed moisture back into them, saving you from that horrible cracked skin look. Hydrated cuticles make a huge difference to the overall finish of your manicure, believe us when we say!

2. Nail buffer

Nail buffers are a great tool to help keep your nails smooth and even shiny. Buffing your nails can help even out any texture or ridges you may have on your nails and can be a good way to keep them clean too.

One thing to keep in mind though is not to over-buff. If you buff your nails too much or too regularly, you can end up thinning out your nails and weakening them. Stick to once a week and you’ll be golden.

3. Nail clippers/scissors

This goes without saying, but nail scissors or clippers are vital for a good nail care routine.

Regularly cutting your nails will help you maintain a clean, neat look. That’s not to say you can’t keep your long talons if that’s your vibe. Go for a slight trim and finish off by filing your nails to get your desired length and shape.

4. Cuticle pusher

Another one for the cuticles. A cuticle pusher is a handy (see what we did there?) tool that helps keep your cuticles well looked after.

When you push your cuticles back, you make your nail plate appear bigger so there’s more space for your cute Glaize mani to sit ;) It can also be useful for removing any dead cells.

Your cuticles actually act as a barrier to your nail, protecting it from any germs or bacteria. So you shouldn’t feel the need to trim them. Rather, push them back and apply your oil. They’ll look just as neat and fresh, minus the pain or infection risk.

5. Hand cream

We cannot end this post without shouting about hand cream. One of THE most important tools when it comes to caring for your nails.

A rich, hydrating hand cream will not only keep your nails healthy and your hands soft, but it will also leave you feeling well and truly pampered.

Just like those cuticles, your nails need some moisture as well. So keep that hand cream in your bag and apply it generously like your life depends on it. It helps that you can get some really delicious smelling ones.

Your nail care routine doesn’t have to be overly complicated or long. Using just a few simple tools you can keep your hands and nails looking fresh and ready for your next mani. When your nails look good, you feel good (am I right or am I right?)