Introducing Stick N Mix!

24 August 2022

There’s nothing better than grabbing that empty bag, going through the delicious selection of sweets and filling it to the brim… Except there is! Cue Glaize’s newest launch: Stick N Mix.

We loved the idea of sweet selections so much, we decided our nails all deserve a bit of sweetness too. Instead of filling up a bag, you’ll fill up your nails with the cutest nail art stickers you’ve ever seen.

So, what’s the difference between nail art and nail art stickers? Well, where nail art is created on the actual gel or using nail varnish, nail art stickers are a collection of stickers that can be worn on bare nails, over Glaize gels, regular gels / acrylics or nail varnish.

We’ve got some *very* exciting collabs coming up with some *very* stylish people and we cannot wait to share them with you!

How to apply your new Stick N Mix:

1. Bend the sticker sheet to help release the sticker

2. Use tweezers or your fingers to remove your chosen sticker

3. Apply to your nail & press down

Optional: add a top coat to seal your Stick N Mix (depending on the kind of finish you want but your Stick N Mix will last really well with or without a top coat - up to 7 days!)

Where to place your Stick N Mix on your nails:

When it comes to nail art stickers there aren’t any rules, you can go as crazy or as simple as your heart desires ;) But if you do need a little guidance starting out, we’ve got some basic tips to get you going.


Look 1: The top-left method. Adding two stickers at the top and one to the bottom left.

Look 2: Easy as 123 method. Alternating stickers from right to left, down the nail.

Look 3: The heroine method. One sticker taking centre stage in the middle of the nail.

Look 4: The cute cuticle method. A similar take on the heroine, with a slight twist. One sticker at the base of the nail, right above the cuticle.

Look 5: Utter chaos. As many stickers as you want, wherever you want!

We also have a really handy little tool that we like to call Style-a-Nail. You can style and design your nail art mani, virtually! This way you'll know exactly what the stickers will look like before you apply them ;)

£1 from every sale of our Stick N Mix Nail Art Stickers will be donated to charity. For each collaboration we do, the designers/artists behind the collections will choose which charity they'd like to donate to.

We hope you’re as excited about our newest launch as we are! Don’t forget to tag us in your gorgeous #nailfies and let’s get sticker happy together ;)

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