Glaize's Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

19 November 2021

The Christmas season is upon us (we know, how did we get here so fast!?) and while we’re busy BTS here at Glaize making sure your festive nails look cute AF, we know there’s a lot going on in your own lives too. So, we thought we could help relieve some of the holiday pressure by sharing some of our fave brands/products that would make perfect gifts. 

We’re rounding up eight brands (female-founded brands, that is #womenpower) that not only have some gorge products but that are also on a sustainability journey, making buying and giving an even kinder process. 

With that being said, happy shopping!

Indie Refill

Who doesn’t love soft, healthy hair? Indie Refill is a hair care brand whose aim is to reduce the amount of useless plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles filling up your bathroom and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives. 

Instead of buying new shampoo and conditioner bottles every month, you can buy their refillable aluminium bottles and then purchase refill bags every month instead. The refills also come in handy plastic-free pouches. 

This is a perfect option if you’re buying a gift for someone in your life who loves a little hair care routine but also wants to play a positive role in looking after the earth.

Selfmade Candle Co

Nothing says ‘I’ve been thinking about you’ quite like a candle. We love candles here at Glaize - especially when they come in pretty packaging and smell delicious! 

Self Made Candle Co hand make soy candles in all sorts of beautiful scents. Ranging from vanilla and lavender to mulled wine (you read that right!), there’s so much happiness to be found in their candles! They’re also set on looking after the earth one candle at a time by using recycled packaging and manufacturing in the UK (meaning lower carbon emissions. Woo!) 

Whether you need a little extra something to throw into a Christmas stocking or just plan on gifting some candles as they are, whoever is on the receiving end is likely to love the Self Made Candle Co ones! Their advice? Get lit, responsibly.

SOS Activewear

Another brand that’s high up on our list is SOS Activewear. They create gorgeous activewear made from restored nylon waste - how awesome is that?! This nylon waste includes things like plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets, both of which would otherwise end up in landfills. 

For lots of active people, workout gear plays a big role in remaining motivated (at least, it does for us - coloured sports bras and leggings cute enough to go about your day in? Sign us up) so we have no doubt that someone in your life will love this activewear for years to come.


A similar concept to Indie, Fills focuses on self-care products that promote refills and not landfills. In addition to your refillable shampoo and conditioner, Fills also offers body washes, lotions and hand lotions too. 

For beauty lovers who care about making positive changes for the planet but don’t want to compromise on style or quality, Fills is a good way to go. It’s stylish, fun, easy to implement and good for the earth. We love them for their honesty on their sustainability journey and how they encourage sustainability and beauty to work in synchronicity. 

Anyone else ready for their hair and body to smell delicious?


Normally when you think of laundry you picture boring old bottles, gross chemicals and pungent scents, right? Well, Kair is here to change your mind. Kair is literally transforming the way we think about prolonging the life of our clothes by making laundry fun, gentle on our pieces and smell like something you’d actually want to spray on yourself! 

More than encouraging sustainability through the long lifespan of your clothes though, Kair’s ingredients are good to the planet as well. They’re biodegradable and don’t have those harsh, strong-smelling chemicals. Plus, their bottles are also refillable! We love this kind of caring!

Posh Totty Designs

If you’re on the lookout for jewellery to gift, Posh Totty Designs might be the one for you. Pieces from Posh Totty are handmade in the UK and can be personalised with short messages or words. 

A personalised piece of jewellery is always extra special; knowing it was made specifically with you in mind. Posh Totty Designs create their pieces with the thought that it’ll be a forever piece for you (we’re not crying, you are) 

They’re open about their sustainability efforts and are focusing on things like ethical sourcing, eco-friendly packaging and planting trees. A definite win in our eyes!

Kind Bag

It’s already in the name but this brand is encouraging a kinder community to our planet. Receiving a new tote bag, backpack or cute scarf handbag is definitely one way to make someone’s Christmas this year. 

Let’s face it: tote bags come in so handy all the time and Kind Bag have so many cute patterns you can choose from. Their bags are also 100% recycled and vegan! We love to hear it.


Cute, comfortable underwear made from pre-used t-shirts is what Pantee is all about. The two sisters behind the brand, Amanda and Katie, wanted to encourage a mindset where you don’t have to come out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to; especially when it comes to intimates. Kind of like a ‘you do you, boo’ mindset ;) 

By upcycling t-shirts into super comfy bras and briefs, they’re not only protecting the planet but are also putting the love back in self-love for you to embrace *wipes tear*.

So, that’s it from us on the Christmas gift guide front. Now that you’ve got your gift list sorted, all you have to do is purchase the goods and you’ll be Christmas-gift-stress-free. Uh-mazing! You’ve got this, now go sleigh Christmas! ;)