Finding Your Perfect Nail Shape

22 July 2021

A nail shape can be a powerful thing. Stick with us here. There are so many different nail shapes you can choose from now, from square to stiletto, but the perfect one for you is the one that makes you feel fearless. If this sounds crazy to you, it just means you have yet to find your shape! And we’re here to help you know how. 

It’s kind of like finding your perfect pizza. You’ve gotta try all the toppings before you know your fave! 

Before we dive into the perfect nail shape for you, let’s get familiar with the seven most common nail shapes: natural (the way your nails grow without manipulating them), square, squoval, almond, oval, stiletto, and coffin (or ballerina). Now, get in losers because we’re getting your perfect nail shape sorted!

Focus on your hand shape 

One of the key factors in finding your perfect nail shape actually already lies in your own hands. Depending on the size of your hand, the shape of your fingers and your palm, different nail shapes will suit different sizes more. So, let’s catch you up to speed on the important stuff.  There are 4 main types of hands, which are each assigned one of the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The origins of this concept come from modern palmistry and are said to indicate certain personality traits depending what type you have. 

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Grounded or Earth Hands 

If your fingers are on the short side and you have a wider palm, then you are an earth hand queen. Oval or almond nails will work best as they are a flattering shape, which will elongate your finger. Rounded nails are always better on a wider nail bed, especially for short fingers!

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Hi-five or Fire Hands 

Our fire hand friends will have long palms with short fingers. Oval nails are once again the way to go – they are FIRE (pardon the pun). They make your nails look longer and extend the form of your finger. Another option is stiletto nails, which are the perfect nail shape if you want an even longer nail. Stiletto nails are fierce and they’ll help put the bad b*tch look on lock.

Photo credit: Lolo Lalani

Piano or Air Hands 

If you have short and wide palms crossed with long fingers, then this is you. Ballerina or coffin nails complement air hands, as both nail types are enhanced by long fingers and balanced by a square palm. The length of this nail type also provides a model canvas to get artistic with your nails.

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Generous or Water Hands 

The characteristics of water hands are long fingers and a narrow palm. Square nails will look flawless on you and are low maintenance. What a combo! They also suit nails long AND short. Squoval is another possibility which universally looks great as it’s a natural shape.

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So, there it is. The ultimate guide to having the perfect nail shape. Now that this knowledge has been imparted on you, go forth in life being on fleek! But always remember that whatever style makes you feel like your best self is the style that suits you best.