Best Halloween Nail Art Inspiration

18 October 2021
Halloween nail inspo

Ladies and gentlemen, spooky season is upon us! We know many of you will be in the mood to dress up and transform into all kinds of weird and wonderful characters. Spicing up not only your makeup and outfit but your nails too, can help tie your whole look together! And if dressing up isn’t your thing, go on and dress up your nails instead.

We’ve got the perfect Halloween nail inspo for you; from soft and subtle, to more outrageous and creepy. If you’ve been looking for a sign to get crazy with your nails for Halloween, this is it. Give your friends and family pumpkin to talk about (#SorryNotSorry about the pun) 

Let’s go!

The Skull Heart

(Image: Unknown)

Starting off with a very obvious Halloween figure, the skeleton. If you want something kind-of neutral but with a spooky twist, this design is great as it’s mainly the solid brown shade with only a touch of freaky. 

If the skulls are a bit much you could opt for bats or pumpkins, anything Halloween-inspired really, and just connect them in a similar way. A really fun design that’ll spice up your outfit *that* much more!

Casper the Friendly Ghost

(Image: @nailartbysig)

These are actually super cute! If you want less frightening Halloween nails, get a few Caspers to live on your nails for a while. This is definitely more of a simple and subtle choice but still super Halloween-esque. 

Depending on your nail size and shape, you could change the positioning or size of the ghosts. Try a few small ones on your little finger or a large one as an accent nail. Or just go wild and have Casper present on each finger. You can make it as subtle or as loud as you want. Live your best Halloween life!

Perfectly Mismatched

(Image: @queencontenails)

This design is a lot bolder and more playful, if that’s what you’re looking for. Not sure if you’ve noticed but mismatched nails are seriously in (like, seriously) and so it makes sense that they’d be a good Halloween nail option. 

You could definitely change up the design and include your own Halloween-y elements but for the most part, it might be fun to get out of your comfort zone. After all, Halloween is the perfect time to pretend to be somebody else - may as well get your nails on board too!

To The Stars

(Image: Unknown)

This design is the one if you’re more of a neutral queen. It doesn’t hurt that the black stars give us serious ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ vibes (anyone else used to love her as much as us?)  

The plus side of these Halloween nails is that you can still enjoy them once Halloween is over; they’re super cute for any occasion!  Obvs, this isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy the other nail designs after Halloween either - you rock those bats and skulls around like it’s no one’s business!

Spooky yet Chic

(Image: @nailartbysig)

For a bit of a freakier touch, do some ‘special effects’ on your nails to mix things up! We know often Halloween costumes include some blood here or there, so why not transfer that to your nails? It’s a nice way to include a pop of colour too. 

The dripping blood effect also just looks really stylish and fun, so even if you don’t have any “blood” anywhere near your outfit, you’ll still get away with this design.

The Colourful Pumpkin

(Image: @thehotblend)

We know that sometimes skulls can be pretty intense and just plain creepy, so we’ve got a happier alternative for you. Why not add some (read: a lot) of colour and swap the skull for a pumpkin. 

This design is really fun with the paint splatters and the small pumpkin popping up from the tip of the nail. The different colours are also reminiscent of sweets and it’s hard to be creeped out when your nails look like sweet bowls. Just saying!

Halloween nails are a really fun way to get playful for the occasion, especially if you’re less of the dress-up type. Show up for the day with any of these bomb-ass nail art ideas and you’ll be good to go!  

All that’s left to do is put on your resting witch face and make your October 31st plans. We’re just creepin’ it real ;) 

Okay, we’re done.