Best Easter Nails Inspo

14 April 2022

The Easter weekend has arrived and we’ve got chocolate on our minds! We also have cute nails on our minds (naturally) because we all know that every occasion allows the excuse of “I need new nails” (not that you need one actually).

However you’re celebrating Easter, if you do, you can guarantee that having adorable nails will get you in the mood quicker than you can say Lindt bunny! ;)

There are so many cool Easter nails to look to for inspiration and these are a few of our absolute favourites right now.

Easter Bunny Nails

These easter bunny designs are so cute and creative. If you wanted something super playful for the weekend, a design along these lines would definitely hit the mark.

It’s a great option if you still want a hint of a neutral nail and you could tone it down more too if you removed some of the dots and other smaller details. Either way, it’s a really sweet design and one that’ll definitely spark some convo!

Source: @polishedsunderland

Easter Egg/Polka Dot Nails

Easter eggs on the nails? Sign us up (we enjoy being *super* extra now and then!) This one is a simple but eye-catching design for Easter. If you want your nails to resemble some Cadbury mini eggs, then this is the obvious winner.

The pastel shades are also really cute and scream spring at the same time. Don’t know about you but we’re all for manifesting spring and warmer weather in whatever way possible. This way just happens to be on nails…

Source: Pinterest - ahbsessed

Easter Rainbow Nails

Again, pastels. But you can’t blame us for loving them!

For a more toned down design, choosing a few (not toooo bright) solid colours will be able to give you that playful Easter feeling without the crazy patterns or shapes.

You could also opt for a signature nail that has some kind of design on it if you wanted. This one is definitely channelling some serious Easter egg energy again and we really do love it. 

Source: Pinterest -

Easter Chicken Nails

Ok, these are more of a comical nail design, but if you can’t have chickens on your nails for Easter, then when can you? The rest of the nails are also super fun and bright (again, channelling the warm weather) and will definitely bring some joy when you look at them.

If the purple lines are a bit much for you, you could easily leave the nail plain yellow like the others and just have the chicken as the centre of attention (not that it won’t be already - it knows how to lay that cuteness on t(c)hick ;) )   

Source: @nailscope

Hint of Gold Easter Nails 

This design is fairly similar to the Easter rainbow nails but with a little spice (and by spice we mean gold glitter).

The purple and gold nails complement each other really well and the signature nail is also a cute addition. It’s even more playful with the signature nail on different fingers on each hand.

If you’re looking for something that’ll really let you sparkle this weekend, the gold glittery touch is perfect! You know, sometimes all that glitters is actually gold ;)

Source: @preciousphan

Whatever you find yourself doing this loooovely looooong weekend, we hope you do it with cute nails and chocolate in hand!