Behind the Scenes of our Launch Photoshoot

11 August 2021

Last Tuesday something really exciting happened: we had our launch photoshoot! For us, this was a really big deal (like super huge) because we’ve had so many fun ideas that we’ve been craving to put into action for the longest time. Leading up to the shoot there were in-depth mood boards filled with our launch shades (yaaaaas it’s happening!) and our chosen themes, many video calls back and forth deciding on props and hand poses (hand models are talented fyi; it’s no easy feat), and all our crazy ideas planned out to a T. 

To paint you a clearer picture of the scenes we wanted to create, imagine your childhood or life in the 90s. We wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia and happiness by building scenes that help you travel back to a simpler and more fun (read: more colourful and playful) time. It’s been a tough year for everyone and we all need some light relief. These images were our way of bringing a little bit of joy into what has been a heavy year for most. 

With a few people on set, we made sure everything and everyone was COVID safe (our photographer, Jasmine, even brought a box of pink facemasks because Glaize wouldn’t be Glaize without some pink. Obvs) We also had a very talented nail artist, LaShaun, who kept our models’ hands clean, hydrated, looking fresh and photo-ready all day… Dreamy, right? 

Enough with all the rambling though. If you’d like to step back in time, keep on reading, friends.

Swimming Pool Scene

Immaturity thrives in a swimming pool, are we right or are we right? Splashing around, playing Marco Polo, or lounging on the most exotic swimming towel you could get your hands on. Sound familiar? Not to mention the *cuuuuutest* lilos that everyone wanted (and still want tbh) - donuts, pineapples, flamingos? Yes, yes and YES. 

Our insanely talented set designer, Amy, created the most life-like pool for the models’ hands to “swim” in. The water even looked so real! This whole scene was, of course, very playful and fun. Even getting the shot was quite a laugh as our models, Zahra and Amy, had to lie under a table with their hands sticking out of the swimming pool. This setup kind of resembled a fort, which actually fit in perfectly with the day’s theme! We love an unplanned coincidence.

Poker Scene

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan’s boss moves in The Parent Trap, we created Glaize’s very own poker scene. We designed a deck of cards (which are really snazzy if we do say so ourselves) and some Glaize poker chips, all of which came together to create a completely badass setup. 

We wanted this scene to feel very ‘cool’, just like in the movie where the twins are both so confident, throwing in their coins and nail polish, maintaining their poker faces throughout (anyone else wanted to be them in this scene? Just us?) 

Our winning stash included some nail files, our adorable Prep Juice and, obviously, the poker chips. If this sounds like a stash you’d love to own, don’t worry babes, your time is coming!

Gameboy Scene

We definitely managed to pull off the retro vibes with this Gameboy shot. For one, who didn’t love Gameboys back in the day? Let’s be real, they were the epitome of a 90s/early 2000s childhood! We just couldn’t leave them out. Plus, Gameboy had some really cool colours and the yellow one fit in so perfectly with our shades too. 

To Glaize it up, we created a (pretend) Glaize game which allows you to level up your nails by using Glaize and discovering The Cure To The Manicure. Step aside Mario, there’s a new kid on the block! (Jk, we’re sticking to nails, not video games.)

Arcade Scene

Being at the arcade as a child was a proper adventure. The sheer excitement when you’d win all those tickets that you could exchange for prizes was unmatched. Let alone actually getting one of the prizes in those claw machines (did anyone ever win? Not to spoil the fun but none of us at Glaize did!) So, we decided that we’d just create our own! 

The arcade scene in the shoot was another really fun one. Amy created the greatest Glaized-up claw machine, filled with all things - you guessed it - Glaize. What else could you want? (Petition to have this in real arcades?) After lots of ‘oooohing’ and ‘aaaaaahing’ and heart eyes (believe us, there was a lot), Jasmine got the perfect shot.

Phone Scene

Who remembers those pink, fluffy landlines every popular girl in the movies had? Yeah, we all wanted one! Although we’ve moved on to the world of smartphones, the glamour of your own special phone lives on as a part of the y2k aesthetic and naturally had to be part of our shoot. 

We may not have included a pink fluffy landline exactly but we did have this very retro, transparent phone with colours showing through that immediately transported us all back in time. Oh, what a time to be alive.

Candy Scene

The last scene for the day was one filled with heaps of colourful candy (which was devoured at the end, donut worry). If there’s one thing that sums up childhood completely, it’s probably the obsession with sweets and the sugar rush that accompanies it. We’ve all been there… 

We included all kinds of sweet treats in this shot: sour ones, chewy ones, gummy ones, chocolates, you name it and it was there. Talk about having a sweet job, right?! It was definitely a perfect way to end the day.

We hope you’re very excited to see the final images because we’re ridiculously excited to share them with you. Until then, take a moment to channel your inner child and do something they would’ve loved. We highly recommend it!