5 Easy Valentine's Nail Art Looks with Glaize

18 January 2023

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to show love and affection to others and especially yourself, and what better way of doing that than by having a beautiful manicure?  

We've put together this list of Valentine's Day manicure ideas using Glaize stick-on gels and nail art stickers to help you find the perfect look for this special occasion. From subtle and romantic to bold and daring, there's something for everyone. 

So, grab your Glaize gels and let's get started!

1. You Are My Moon And Stars

You are my moon and stars! The combination of a bright coral red and silver nail art is a look! A pop of colour for Valentine’s is exactly what we need.

Coral Me Maybe + Star Glaizer Stick N' Mix

2. Pretty In Pink

Express your unconditional love with this bright pink manicure. And look at that little silver bow, such a romantic look!

So Fetch + Star Glaizer Stick N' Mix

3. Text Me Back!

The baby pink gels and nail art of little flip phones reading “Text Me Back” is perfect for making a statement. Who are you expecting a text from this Valentine’s? ;)

It’s Britney B**** + Glaize x Amy Hastings Stick N' Mix

4. Heartbreaker 💔

Red on white creates such a powerful contrast. The red roses and flames make up a mysterious and powerful look. For the day of love and affection this look screams “Heartbreaker”! 

Meet Me At The Barre + Glaize x Jess Young Stick N' Mix

5. Dreamy Valentine

Love makes everyone dreamy! We adore this combination of planets, hearts, little lightning bolts and heart shaped cherries for a cute Valentine’s day manicure.

Source: @_miawootton

_Glaize x Amy Hastings Stick N' Mix

Which V-day nail art design is your fave? XOXO, the Glaize team