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Olivia Twist

Olive Green Stick-on Gel Nails


This sophisticated olive green shade looks good enough to eat.

Our gels are:

💅 Easy to apply & remove: simply stick them onto your nails and gently peel off to remove

💅 Made-to-measure: using our proprietary technology to ensure a perfect fit

💅 Long-lasting: giving you 7+ days’ wear without chipping

💅 Non-damaging

      About our gels

      Say hello to your nails’ new bestie: Glaize made-to-measure stick-on gels.

      Tired of nail polish that chips, but sick of the damage caused by gels and acrylics? We’ve got you.

      Glaize gels give you the ‘polished’ look of gels for 7+ days, without the time commitment, dry time, UV curing or damage.

      Reasons to Glaize

      Easy to apply & remove
      What you get

      Each Glaize set contains:

      • 15 made-to-measure gels

      Each starter kit contains:

      • A reusable and 100% plastic-free Glaize pad
      • A Glaize juice bottle made from sugarcane polyethylene
      • A plastic-free Glaize nail file
      How it works

      Once you have placed your order, you will be sent a link to upload images of your hands. We then use our super cool proprietary tech to create gels that fit your nails exactly. You’ll receive your custom-made gels in your letterbox, so you can sit back and relax!

      You can learn more about the process here.

      How to wear

      Use your Glaize pad + juice bottle to clean your nails

      PEEL & PRESS
      Peel a gel and press it down onto your nail smoothly; make sure that you leave a small gap between the gel and your cuticle

      FOLD (Optional)
      Fold the length buffer over the tip of your nail

      FILE (Optional)
      Remove length buffer by filing downward or clipping off with a nail clipper

      When you're ready for a change, peel off the gels and repeat the steps above

      Want to learn more?

      Check out our guide on how to apply your gels.

      Starter kit:

      We’ll only send you a full box (including a reusable pad, prep juice bottle and nail file) with your first order (unless you tell us otherwise), and when you need a refill you can select 'Include starter kit' next time you order. This reduces the amount of packaging we send out and keeps waste to a minimum!

      Nail tip length:

      If you select 'no', we will create your gels to fit your current nail length - this is the default option. If you're not planning on wearing your gels immediately or you're saving them for a future date, we suggest adding some length to them in case your nails grow. The extra length buffer can always be folded over and clipped or filed off to get the perfect fit!

      Olivia Twist