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We’ve been working super hard to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Here’s what you can expect from your Glaize delivery (aside from cute AF gels 😉):

Box & Folder Card

Our (extremely snazzy) boxes and cards are made from FSC certified, fully recyclable and sustainably sourced cardboard from renewable & well-managed forests. They’re also manufactured in the UK which minimises the carbon footprint from transport

Prep Juice

These dinky bottles are made from 100% sugarcane polyethylene, a material that's fully bio-based. How cool is that?

Reusable Prep Pad

Our prep pads, which are made from 70% biodegradable bamboo and 30% cotton, can be used time and time again - no throw-away wipes for us! Did we mention they're also made in the UK?! 

Nail File

Most nail files on the market are made of a plastic core that’s sandwiched between EVA sponge (a material with a very low recycling rate). We’ve searched high and low for an alternative and custom-created our very own Glaize files from 100% compressed recyclable paper

What Else Are We Doing?

We’ll only send you a full box with your first order, and when you need a refill you can let us know the next time you order your gels, by selecting 'Include starter kit' from the drop-down before you click 'ADD TO CART.' (It's just above the ADD TO CART button on each gel product page.) This reduces the amount of packaging we send out and keeps waste to a minimum!
We're working with Ecologi to become a climate-positive workforce. Check out how many trees we've planted in the Glaize forest!
We’re also striving to make our products as sustainable as possible. We have developed a unique gel formula that not only incorporates bio-based materials, making it more sustainable than traditional manicures, but also offers high-performance shine & longevity. Our gels are cruelty-free, toxin-free and vegan. As they say, it’s not easy being green, but we promise to do our best to continue to make improvements to our product and processes in order to minimise our impact on the planet