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How to Apply

Clean your nails with the Pre-Glaize prep pad

Make sure your nails are clean & oil free 

Washing your hands before using the Pre-Glaize prep pad helps

Peel a gel and press it down onto your nail, folding the length buffer over the tip of your nail

Make sure you leave a small gap between your cuticle and the gel  

Make sure the gel is pressed smoothly onto your nail 

Do not stick the gel on your cuticle

Remove length buffer by filing downward or clipping off with a nail clipper

Make sure you file downward 

Do not angle the file toward your gels

Ta da! Your nails look AMAZING!

When you’re ready for a change, simply peel off the gels from the cuticle side to the tip of your nail  

Soaking your hands in warm water will make it easier to peel off the gels 

Applying hand cream around the edges of your cuticles also helps  

If there’s any excess adhesive on your nails, you can simply rub it off with some hand cream


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