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Clean your nails with the Pre-Glaize prep pad.

✓ Make sure your nails are oil and cream free. 

✓ Washing your hands before using the Pre-Glaize prep pad helps.

Peel a gel and press it down onto your nail, folding the length buffer over the tip of your nail.

✓ Make sure you leave a small gap between your cuticle and the gel. 

✓ Make sure the gel is pressed smoothly onto your nail. 

✗ Do not stick the gel on your cuticle.

Remove length buffer by filing downward or clipping off with a nail clipper.

✓ Make sure you file downward. 

✗ Do not angle the file toward your gels.

When you’re ready for a change, simply peel off the gels from the cuticle side to the tip of your nail.

✓ Soaking your hands in warm water helps peel off the gels easier. 

✓ Applying hand cream around the edges of your cuticles also helps. 

✓ If there’s any excess adhesive on your nails, you can simply rub it off with some hand cream.


Why do I need to take photos of my hands?

We use the photos that you provide to create a 3D model of your nails using computer vision which we then use to make your made-to-measure gels.

How long do your made-to-measure gels last?

Your made-to-measure gels should last between 10 – 14 days.

How many gel manicures are included in each Glaize set?

Each Glaize set includes 15 made-to-measure gels (5 for your right hand, 5 for your left hand and 5 extra in case you need them).

What are your made-to-measure gels made of?

[Response to follow].

How do I remove them?

To remove your made-to-measure gels, simply peel them off.

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