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Give them tropical, holiday vibes with this too-hot-to-handle orange nail colour. 

Our gels are:

💅 Easy to apply & remove: simply stick them onto your nails and gently peel off to remove

💅 Made-to-measure: using our proprietary technology to ensure a perfect fit

💅 Long-lasting: giving you up to 10 days’ wear without chipping

💅 Non-damaging

      About our gels

      Say hello to your nails’ new bestie: Glaize made-to-measure stick-on gels.

      Tired of nail polish that chips, but sick of the damage caused by gels and acrylics? We’ve got you.

      Glaize gels give you the ‘polished’ look of gels for 10-14 days, without the time commitment, dry time, UV curing or damage.

      Reasons to Glaize

      Easy to apply & remove
      What you get

      Each Glaize set contains:

      • 15 made-to-measure gels
      • A reusable and 100% plastic-free Glaize pad
      • A Glaize juice bottle made from sugarcane polyethylene
      • A plastic-free Glaize nail file
      How it works

      Once you have placed your order, you will be sent a link to upload images of your hands. We then use our super cool proprietary tech to create gels that fit your nails exactly. You’ll receive your custom-made gels in your letterbox, so you can sit back and relax!

      You can learn more about the process here.

      How to wear
      1. CLEAN: Use your Glaize pad + juice bottle to clean your nails
      2. PEEL & PRESS: Peel a gel and press it down onto your nail smoothly; make sure that you leave a small gap between the gel and your cuticle
      3. FOLD & FILE (Optional): Fold any additional length buffer over the tip of your nail and file downward firmly. You can also use a nail clipper to clip off the excess.
      4. PEEL OFF: When you're ready for a change, gently peel off the gels and repeat!

      Want to learn more?

      Check out our guide on how to apply your gels.