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Lauren Das Neves


How do you start your day?

I always have tea before I do anything else! Then I'll either go for a quick walk or have breakfast and start working. My mornings aren't usually very eventful - I struggle to wake up!


Tell us a fun fact (or two) about you

This is kind of embarrassing but the first time I ever saw snow IRL was this year in London. It only took me 25 years! I'm also a professional make-up artist.


What’s the best nail tip you’ve ever received?

My gran always used to tell me to push my cuticles back daily! I never go a day without pushing them back now - it makes my nail look neater and longer.


How do you like to unwind after a long day?

A bath, without a doubt! Then I'll usually watch some kind of feel-good series afterwards to really relax me, like Friends (I know the show back to front - test me! 😉 ) or The Office. Cosying up on the couch with something lighthearted on is my ideal way of properly switching off. 


Describe your perfect nails? (Shape, colour, length, pattern or no pattern)

My perfect nails would have to be a gentle almond shape and fairly long (but realistic for me to do things still) I love the colourful abstract patterns that are so trendy right now, so I'd probably have some kind of fun designs in pinks and purples! My perfect nails would also be really strong with no flaking...


Who’s your nail crush?

There are so many gorgeous nails out there! But I usually find myself wandering over to @overglowedit for inspo. Her nails always look unreal!


If you were a nail shape, which one would you be and why?

Probably almond-shaped because it's playful but glamorous.


If you could choose one song as your “life anthem”, what song would you pick?

This is difficult! I'd have to go with Video Killed The Radio Star, by Buggles. It's super random but it's the song I would always sing in the car with my mom. It holds special memories and it's just a really fun song! If anything, I'd want my life anthem to be pure happiness!


Where's your favourite place to Glaize?

On the couch, watching Friends! With some good wine, of course.