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How to Apply Stick N Mix

Bend the sticker sheet to help release the sticker

Use tweezers or your fingers to remove your chosen sticker

Apply to your nail

Stick N Mix can be applied to bare nails, nail varnish, Glaize gels, acrylics... the list goes on!

Press down

Tadaaa! Instant nail art

Optional: add a coat of clear nail varnish to seal your nail art stickers


  • How long do your nail art stickers last?

    Glaize Stick N Mix should last 7+ days, depending on your lifestyle

  • How do I remove them?

    Simply peel them off- if you're struggling to remove your nail art stickers, use some hand cream to help loosen them

  • Which charities do you support?

    We are proud to support a range of causes at Glaize. £1 from the sale of every set goes to a charity chosen by the designer we have collaborated with. Sales from Amy Hastings' collection go towards the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal; proceeds from Jess Young's collection will go towards Future Men.

  • Can I collaborate with you?

    Yes, we're always looking for exciting brands, artists & designers to work with. Pop us an email to if that's you

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