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Gina Farran


First thing's first: tell us a fun fact (or two) about you

Hmmm... I have a major truffle obsession and I'm a pretty good boxer!


How do you start your day?

The first thing I do is (sadly) pick up my phone to catch up on unread messages, emails and Instagram. I also try to squeeze in 15-20 minutes of exercise at home every day before I jump in the shower and have my morning coffee.


What’s the best nail tip you’ve ever received?

It's an obvious one but to not use my nails as tools! I used to be pretty bad at that but I've gotten a lot better at taking good care of my nails.


How do you like to unwind after a long day?

If I have time, I love to have a nice warm bubble bath with a cup of tea! Otherwise, I love cooking dinner with my partner, Tom and sharing a meal without any distractions.


Describe your perfect nails? (Shape, colour, length, pattern or no pattern)

I have to go with pastel wavy + indie nail art.


Who’s your nail crush?

I am OBSESSED with @overglowedit


If you were a nail shape, which one would you be and why?

Squoval! I think it's the best of both (square and oval) worlds. 


If you could choose one song as your “life anthem”, what song would you pick?

Hmmm... This is a tough one! I'll go for a tribute to Beirut, Lebanon. Probably "Li Beirut" by Fairouz. She's one of the greatest Lebanese artists of all time. 


Where's your favourite place to Glaize?

I love to Glaize on the move (in the back of an Uber or on a train)!