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The Best Cake Accounts On Instagram

by Glaize |

If you’re in knead of delicious cake-inspo, you’ve come to the right place. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a cheesy pun!) On a serious note though, the cake accounts floating around on Instagram recently have been making the Glaize team drool with desire - who can blame us? 

We’ve sieved (#sorrynotsorry) through many incredible cake accounts (there really are a lot, trust us) but we’ve come to the conclusion that these 5 are the most drool-worthy right now. Sit back, relax and enjoy the yumminess that awaits.


Dee is the queen of bento cakes; AKA miniature cakes that come in hamburger-sized boxes. They’re ridiculously cute (anything miniature is) and if the reviews are anything to go by, they are delicious too. 

Her bespoke cakes are truly works of art, ranging from vintage piping styles to more customised cakes for your special occasion. Since 2017, Dee has been dedicating her time and passion to Dee’s Basement, which was actually born out of a life-long sweet tooth and childhood hobby! We’re suckers for stories like this…  

These little packages of goodness are even perfect for receiving in the post, so there is really no excuse to go on and treat yo’self ;)


If extravagant, elegant and vintage are your vibes, then April’s Baker is definitely for you. Two sisters, Roxy and Corinne, are the babes behind this mastery. Their cakes are inspired by fantasy and fairytales. Need we say more? 

We’ve been following April’s Baker on Instagram for a while now and we are completely obsessed with their designs! With beautiful colours and piping that makes you feel as though you’re looking at a palace’s decor, you just can’t go wrong.  

They often include multiple cakes in their posts, which kind of makes you think that you and your besties need matching cakes. Like, for real. Do it for the gram right? Take one scroll through their feed and tell us you’re not drooling. We dare you!


The third account that’s been making its rounds and seducing us all is Coven Bakery. The two best friends behind these cakes, Erin and Harriet have backgrounds in events, baking and fashion. Sandwiching all three together has made for the most aesthetically pleasing cakes that definitely fits the bill for our fave Instagram cake accounts! 

The colours they use are bright and eye-catching, which we love (obviously), but their designs are also sassy and fun! We could lose a lot of time just admiring their collection of beautiful cakes but alas, we gotta get back to work at some point.  

They also use the vintage piping element in many of their cakes, though they do it with a twist. The bright colours that frequent their designs gives the baked goods a more modern vibe.


This cake account is pretty refreshing in terms of changing things up a bit. Sarah, the brains behind the cakes, initially studied sculpture and she now channels her sculptural knowledge into creating gorgeous cakes. Talk about art! 

Hebe Konditori’s cakes are quite unique compared to the above cake accounts, simply for the way in which they’re designed. There’s a touch of elegance, a touch of playfulness and a touch of perfection that makes her creations so pleasing to the eyes. You can quickly see the sculptural background coming through! 

More than that though, we think they look pretty damn good to eat! No one said dessert had to come last, right?


Last but not least on our favourite Instagram cake accounts roundup is Olivia from Bakes By Olivia. Her signature style consists of beautiful, edible flowers that create a true wow factor on the cakes. 

You can also grab some cookies, brownies, blondies, or even rocky roads from Bakes By Olivia, which all look unbelievable too. But since this is a post dedicated to cakes, we’ll steer clear of those for now. 

You’ll see pops of bright colours on her feed (enhanced by flowers, of course) that just screams fun. There’s not much a cake can’t fix but when they look like pure happiness, it’s 1000x better! You can choose from miniature cakes again or go for customised sizing, but if you’re anything like the Glaize team you’ll want the biggest size available… this cannot be helped!

Before we wrap up, we just need to leave you with some of our favourite (very corny) cake puns. Enjoy! 

1) Cake it till you make it 

2) I couldn’t have done it batter myself 

3) You want a piece of me? 

4) I like big bundts and I cannot lie 

5) You bake me crazy